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Guo Qiyong

Guo Qiyong, male, Han nationality, was born inWuhan,HubeiProvince, in 1947. He was enrolled in the Department of Philosophy ofWuhanUniversityin 1978. After finishing all his undergraduate courses one year ahead of time, he passed the graduate school entrance exam and went on studying under Prof. Xiao Jiefu, Prof. Tang Mingbang, and Prof. Li Deyong. In March, 1985, he got his master’s degree. Two years afterwards, he was promoted to a lecturer inWuhanUniversity. While at post, he went on studying with his Ph. D. courses under Prof. Xiao Jiefubetween 1987 and 1990.He attained his Ph.D.of Philosophy in August, 1992. About one year later, he formally became a professor ofWuhanUniversity. At present, he serves as a doctoral supervisor of the Department of History.

It should be noted that between 1994 and 1999, he was Chief of Research Section of Chinese Philosophy. Meanwhile, in 1996, he was Deputy President of Research Institute of Chinese Culture ofWuhanUniversity. From 2000 till now, he worked as Deputy Director of Research Center of Traditional Chinese Cultural Studies,WuhanUniversity, a Key Research Base for Social Sciences under the direct control of Ministry of Education. He was Dean of School of Social Sciences of Wuhan University from December in 2000 to August in 2003 and Chairman of Department of Philosophy from January in 2001 to September in 2002. Between 2003 and 2007, he was Dean of School of Philosophy ofWuhanUniversity.

At one time, he was First Chief of the project “Comparison between Philosophy of Marxism and Eastern or Western Philosophy”---a subproject of “211Project”, and Second Chief of “Innovative Base for Chinese Traditional Culture Transformation”---a subproject of “985Project”. From 2001 to 2007, he was a managing editor of the journal “Philosophical Comments”. Between 2004 and 2007, he was also Director of Research Center for Comparison between Chinese and Western Philosophy, a key research base ofWuhanUniversity. During the period of 2005 and 2007, he was Chairman of International Society for Chinese Philosophy (ISCP) and Director of Research Center of Confucius and Confucianism of Wuhan University from 2004 till now.

Other Posts:

Member of Philosophy Appraisal Team of the Fifth Degree Committee under the State Council;

Member of International Confucius Association (ICA)

Chairman of ISCP Mainland Area

Deputy President of Chinese Philosophy History Society (the second term)

Deputy President of Zhonghua Confucius Society

President of Philosophy History Society ofHubeiProvince

Editorial Member ofHistory of Chinese Philosophy, Confucius Study, Jianghan Forum, Frontiers of Philosophy in Chinaetc.

Managing Editor ofConfucius Cultural Study

He was ever invited to deliver speeches in National Library of China,BeijingUniversity,NanjingUniversity, Renmin University of China and Sun Yat-sen University etc. At the same time, he also received invitations from other famous universities or research institutes such as inHong Kong,Taiwan, or abroad. He made speeches inHarvardUniversity, University Monchen in German, University Trier, University Leipzig, VVER inRussia,TokyoUniversity,WasedaUniversityinJapan,SeoulUniversityinSouth Korea,FujenUniversityinTaiwan,SoochowUniversity, and Chinese University of Hong Kong etc. He was Visiting Scholar of Harvard University in 1998, Visiting Professor of University Trier in 2001, and Visiting Professor of National Chengchi University in 2002, Specially-appointed Researcher of Kansai University in 2003.


In 1995, the Second-class Prize in the First “Excellent Achievements” Awards in Social Sciences, held by State Education Commission

In 1996, Baogang Education Prize

Honorable Mention, National Book Awards

In 1997 and 2001, the Second-Class Prize for Excellent Social Sciences Achievements inHubeiProvince(Governmental Prize)

In 1997, Awarded as one of the Titled Middle-aged or Young Experts with Distinguished Contribution inHubeiProvince

In 2004, the Second-Class Prize for Excellent Social Sciences Achievements inHubeiProvince(Governmental Prize)

In 2004, Excellent Teacher Prize inHubeiProvince

In 2004, Excellent Post-graduate Supervisor Prize inHubeiprovince

In 2005,HubeiProvincial Book Awards

In 2006, Excellent Teacher Prize in State Level

From 1993 till now, awardee of the State Council Special Allowance each year

Books Published (in a selected list):

Study on Xiong Shili’s Ideas

Biography of Xiong Shili

History of Chinese Philosophy

New Comments on Confucianism and its History

Traditional Virtues and Contemporary life

Guo Qiyong’s Optional Selected Works

An Introduction to Culture as a Discipline

Related Working Experiences:

For years, together with other professors or scholars, he chaired and undertook the National Social Sciences Funded Project---“Study on Bamboo Slips and Silks Unearthed in the Latest50Years and the History of Chinese Philosophy”, and the Key Social Sciences Project of Ministry of Education---“Confucius Study in Middle Reaches of Yangtze River in Song, Yuan, and Ming Dynasties”. Moreover, he has participated in the compiling work of《History of Chinese Philosophy》,a National Key Textbook in the “Tenth Five-Year” period.

He and other scholars established “Chinese National Culture Experimental Class”, which, so far, has trained seven sessions of graduates. At present, he is making preparations for the

establishments of Master Degree Program and Doctor Degree Program for Chinese National Culture. On the one hand, he emphasizes the significance of intensive reading and teaching of classical works; on the other, he endeavors to promote the common education of social sciences for university students. He holds that the philosophy textbooks should keep up with times and we should also extend the study and research of Chinese National Culture, especially the Confucius study.